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Welcome to Paranda

Preserving the future of our culture, traditions and values by connecting smaller & rural artisans sell directly to global customers is what defines

PARANDA.PK is a sincere attempt to capture them all on a single platform by award-winning young entrepreneur with purpose who think this is possible now with the Internet.

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About Us

Our Story

Being a daughter of a microscale entrepreneur, I know what it takes to move the needle for the prosperity of people. This has lent, credence to Paranda being the first ever online platform to discover the regional variation of Pakistan with unique handicraft.

A visit to Quetta in Pakistan was the turning point of every thing that would eventually lead to the existence of paranda. One of my many trips of rural areas of Pakistan, I visited the local crafts market and was really awed by the array of locally handmade craft work. Over the years, fashion article with desirable fashion statement has been spun out from Pakistan where unnamed artists have given birth to fashion accessories, unfortunately, such hand-crafted goods often go without any appreciation for the creator. This is an inspiration behind platform we launched Paranda in Pakistan Fashion Week London and it was really admired by most people who witnessed the show. Paranda was a fashion brand that doubles as an online platform, where customer from any part of the globe can purchase costumes, fashion style, designs, and other accessories which are infused with the rich Pakistani culture by creating new kind of luxury by connecting artisans with fashion fraternity.

We bring to you such crafts that showcase the beauty and hard work put in by Pakistani craftsmen.
Paranda obtain materials that are of good quality from local artisans.
We deal with locally crafted materials are of lasting quality which tends to showcase the beauty of Pakistan.
We exhibited in international events arrange fashion show like PFW London and APPNA USA

What We Do

We aim to create and provide fashion luxury for even the common man via the revival of our tradition. We are constantly creating new type of luxury by aligning handicrafts, artisans, and top fashion designer of Pakistan.

Driven by a sincere desire to give back to the society and to preserve our culture and values, Paranda became a change agent that works towards creating better opportunities for local artisans and existing brands culture is very rich and almost inexhaustible. Unfortunately, it has been largely untapped and Paranda’s entrance into the scene has so far, motivated local artisans to increase production of handcrafted wares in order to meet and even exceed demand; giving them an innovative sense. This wasn’t the norm before Paranda came into the picture. Pakistani craftsmen were satisfied with making just a few crafts which often ended up as decoration pieces for their homes. That way, local craftsmen rarely ever saw the need to drive increased production of locally handmade goods and in more ways than few, the economic status of most indigenes of Pakistani rural regions was not remarkable in any form. Paranda stepped in, evaluated the situation and strategically began to influence this change and subsequently, increased the level of employment in this Pakistani region.

Some of Our Artisans

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