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About Me:

My name is Rubab Bashir.I have done my Bachelor's Degree from N. E.D University of Engineering and technology. I get motivated towards artistic Calligraphy about three and a half-year ago when I attended the Calligraphy Exhibition held by my University fellows.I was looking at their work with strange thinkings that how can they manage to do both Engineering and art related stuff.After that I started to practice writing verses of Quran with different colours and medium.My initial work was absolutely not that up to the mark but my family member and specially my father became so happy that I am doing this privilege work in my free time. Time passes and my work have gone through different stages of improvement. Initially I learned from Web resources than after graduation I joined Calligraphy institute for proper learning methods and techniques of writing different fonts.Alhumdulillah learning period polished my calligraphy skills and now I can see that mesmerizing feeling in my calligraphic painting which I was looking in other's work three-year back . I am enthusiastic to learn more and more about this art.Upill now I have been Participated in five Exhibitions
Many people asked that why are you putting your efforts in Calligraphy though you have worth full degree.Go and utilize your degree.So let me clear you people,Arabic Calligraphy is my passion,the peace which I found doing this can not be attained in any other activity.

About my Work.

For Beautiful Calligraphy Painting,Bookmarks/Quranmarks and Car hanging Cards,Contact "Calligraphy By Rubab"
Order your favourite  Quranic Surah /Vesre in your required  dimension and Medium.

I usually work in three Mediums:
1.Water/Poster colours
2.Calligraphy ink on Special paper (With Iranian qalam )
3.Oil paints.

choose any of our Calligraphic painting from our collection which have been uploaded at our Facebook page 👉

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