An awesome color combination of Peach & Ocean Blue made of wool thread pompom with decorative hangings.
Rs. 9,500

Pompom PMP-020

Blue paranda with Rust & Grey pompom hanging made of cloves & heavy tassels
Rs. 7,500

Pompom PMP-005

Beige paranda Maroon & Green pom pom hanging made of cloves, corn & heavy tassels
Rs. 9,500

Pompom PMP-007

Sky Blue paranda with Yellow & Brown combination hanging made of corn, cloves, cardamom & heavy tassels
Rs. 9,500

Pompom PMP-016

Blue color paranda with pompom hanging made with whole wheat, dry dates & cardamom
Rs. 8,000


Handmade tribal pendants with turquise stone
Rs. 2,500